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A new deck for a new yard A new deck for a new yard A new deck for a new yard A beautiful cedar and fir sun deck 8' by 12' cedar shed with ramp and selves Craftman stair, proch and addition French Doors Install New concrete walkway Small back yard office and shed with a little flair Creating an open concept kitchen dinning and leaving room two bedrooms basement suite addition Renovation Carpentry a beautiful deck and flagstone work West Coast cottage renovations and additions Commercial renovation Renovation and addition semi circular deck Closet and pergola addition Custom oriental wall opeming between two rooms to create proper ventilation renovation siding cedar gable ventilation doors decks sky lights window bathroom renovations kitchen works Kitchen deluxe in victoria renovations utility room Construction renovation sun room Craftman stair, proch and addition

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Arts and Craft stair and deck
Arts and Craft Deck, Addition and Stair

Wheelchair ramp
Wheelchair Ramp

Addition undercarport
Addition undercarport

A new deck for a new yard
A new deck for a new yard

Sun Deck Cedar Fir
Cedar&Fir Sun Deck

French Doors Install
French Doors Install

On going home improvements
On going home improvements

Small back yard office and shed with a little flair
Small back yard office and shed with a little flair

the main kitchen
A great kitchen

Arts and Craft Addition, stair and deck
Arts and Craft Deck Railing

A beautifull strong deck
A beautiful strong deck

A Nice Cedar Garden Shed
Cedar Garden Ched

House repairs and beautification
A small sun room

two bedrooms basement suite renovation
A two bedroom suite in a 900sf basement

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Renovations, Home repairs, Structural work, Basement suite and family suites, Adick development, Carport transformation, Additions, garages, Design, Kitchen and Bath renovations and additions, Plumbing, Electrical, Decks, Fences, Open concept kitchen dinning leaving room, Pergolas and Arbours, Wheelchair access ramps and home safety for disabled.

Renovation carpentry offers

“Free and courteous in-home consultation, for a stress-free home improvement renovation”

As General contractor, I provide my customers with professional, high quality, friendly service that is cost conscious. I have built strong relationships with our customers as our referral rate and repeat customer rate is high.

We can provide you with professional, creative and affordable residential services which include the consultation and implementation of; consulting, planning, drafting, renovations and project management of trades.

Receive a no obligation, free, in-home consultation to learn how we can meet your renovation needs. I will evaluate your space, answer questions you have, and provide recommendations. I would be happy to discuss energy saving alternatives such as doors, windows, heating and other products.


Renovations in a Recession

The economy may be in a slump but renos are up. Why? Money is cheap to borrow, the federal and/or provincial governments offer renovation grants, and tax credits. Also, due to a soft market, there are many homes for sale and it is advisable to optimize your selling features. Increase the value of your home and sell it quickly by choosing renovations wisely. Consult with a licensed realtor or a qualified appraiser and find out the current market value of your home, as well as the value of renovated homes that are similar to yours within your area only. Ask your agent to determine how much value each of these renovations would bring to your home and the return on investment for each renovation. Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) is the method used by real estate agents and appraisers to determine home value. Appraisers look at large quantity of properties that have sold near your home and adjust the price based on the size and condition of your home, any additions you have made, such as family room, another bathroom, basement suite or deck.

Next, find out the cost for carrying out each of these renovations by obtaining free estimates from three contractors. Be careful not to just choose a contractor based on price.

Check out references and ask:

  • Did the contractor provide a workable contract and accommodate changes to design?
  • Was the contractor pleasant and professional (including sub-contractors)?
  • Did the contractor provide good workmanship?
  • Did the contractors respect your property and clean all areas at completion?
  • Did the sub-contractors get paid?
  • Was the job started and finished on time (within reason)?
  • Were there unresolved issues at the end of the project?
  • You will need to be specific about the size of the renovation and the materials used. There can be a big difference in price between using manufactured flooring and hardwood or what countertop you want to use.

    Top Renovation Returns Investment:

  • Kitchen - 72%
  • Bathroom - 68%
  • Painting, Exterior - 65%
  • Flooring Upgrades - 62%
  • Window and/or Door Replacement - 57%
  • Main Floor / Family-Room Addition - 51%
  • Fireplace Addition - 50%
  • Basement - 49%
  • Furnace and/or Heating System - 48%
  • Don't forget to check out any government, energy and/or renovation rebates and grants you can receive. Also, work in the cost of any short term loans you need to get the renovation completed. You will now be able to determine if it is profitable to go ahead with those renovations.

    See example below:

  • $40,000 Average estimated increase in the value of your home after renovations
  • $30,000 Less the cost of the renovations (contractor)
  • $1,500 plus any rebates and grants from BC and federal governments
  • $1,800 less the interest on short term loan (home equity, 2nd mortgage or line of credit).
  • Consider the interest rate, estimated completion time of the reno, and the estimated time to sell.
  • $9,700 Profit!!

  • To your prosperity,

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    do you know where your water comes from

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